MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme

MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme

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Introducing the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme: an elevated rendition of the MS Jaguar E-70, boasting a sleek design and enhanced features. Standout upgrades include a vibrant tablet-style digital meter, advanced open spring shocks for superior suspension, and an eye-catching fuel tank design, among others.

Notably, the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme offers peace of mind with its comprehensive warranty package: a generous 5-year warranty for the battery and a 1-year warranty for the motor. Speaking of longevity, the Supreme model utilizes a high-quality Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery with an impressive lifespan of 10 years, coupled with a robust 1500-watt BLDC motor designed to last for 25 years.

In terms of performance, the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme excels, capable of covering distances of 90-100 km* on a single charge and reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h*. Plus, with its rapid charging capability, the Supreme model recharges in just 1 hour* with a fast charger or 2 hours* with a standard charger, ensuring minimal downtime. It is also equipped with latest high quality, colorful digital meter & has automatic error detection system which is not present in any other electric bike in Pakistan.

Financially savvy consumers will appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme. While the average monthly expense of running a conventional 70cc motorcycle can amount to approximately Rs.10,000, the Supreme model offers comparable utility at a fraction of the cost – just Rupees 1,000 a month.

Moreover, the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme redefines convenience with its maintenance-free design. Say goodbye to regular Mobil oil changes, monthly tuning, and the hassle of replacing chain sprocket sets. With the Supreme model, enjoy a hassle-free riding experience without the burden of constant upkeep.

Available in three vibrant colors – Red, Blue, and Black – the MS Jaguar E-70 Supreme allows riders to express their style while enjoying the pinnacle of electric motorcycle innovation.