MS Jaguar E-70

MS Jaguar E-70

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Introducing the MS Jaguar E-70, a revolutionary electric bike designed to redefine your commuting experience with unparalleled convenience and efficiency, now available in two vibrant colors: Red and Black.

Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive warranty coverage: the battery is backed by a generous 5-YEAR WARRANTY, while the motor is protected for 1 YEAR.

Powered by advanced Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery technology, the MS Jaguar E-70 boasts a remarkable lifespan of 10 years, ensuring long-term reliability. Paired with a robust 1500 watts BLDC motor engineered for durability, you can count on a staggering 25-year lifespan for consistent performance.

Experience freedom like never before as the MS Jaguar E-70 effortlessly cruises 90-100 KM on a single charge, reaching speeds of up to 70km/h*. With rapid charging capabilities, you can recharge your E-70 in just 1 hour* using a fast charger or 2 hours* with a normal charger, maximizing your time on the road. It is also equipped with latest high quality, colorful digital meter & has automatic error detection system which is not present in any other electric bike in Pakistan.

Say goodbye to the burdensome costs of traditional motorcycle maintenance. While conventional 70cc motorcycles demand an average monthly expense of approximately Rs.10,000, the MS Jaguar E-70 offers comparable utility for just Rupees 1,000 a month, saving you both time and money.

Embrace a hassle-free ownership experience with the MS Jaguar E-70, as it requires zero maintenance, eliminating the need for costly Mobil oil changes, monthly tuning, or chain sprocket set replacements. Rediscover the joy of commuting with the MS Jaguar E-70—where efficiency meets sustainability, without compromise.